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We take pride in each and every project


We focus on identifying energy projects that have an immediate ROI. In fact, most projects that we identify are 100% utility funded.  If you don't like the rebates or programs we lay out for you, simply don't use them. Our goal is to identify ways to reduce your costs, not add to them.  We are paid directly by the utility, and sit on your side of the table.  

Our Services


At Enersponse we help you determine where you could better manage your energy costs, receive rebates for upcoming projects, and generate revenue by participating in no-penalty utility programs.  


  • Utility Rebate Programs

  • Energy Efficiency Program

  • Demand Response Programs
  • AutoDR 
  • Retro Commissioning
  • Continuous Commissioning
  • Energy Analysis 
  • Real-Time Energy Monitoring
  • Smart Energy Management Controls

    • Lighting

    • HVAC

    • Water Pumping


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